A big fat Indian wedding includes a huge number of things. Every person is to be attended and all needs to be happy while the couple gets showered by blessings. The hard part is satisfying all the people attending the wedding but that is mostly the target in Indian weddings. From the barrat to maika all is a part of the merry making and thus the huge arrangement brings in the opportunity to socialize for the family members. Thus the duty to organize marriage programme is a huge responsibility. This list will be your saviour in the rush hour.

dos and donts when a organize marriage programme

Let’s start with the no’s as weddings are really complicated and there are rooms for a bad move to the fullest.

  • Don’t Expect Perfectness:- This the golden rule of a wedding. There will be something unexpected so don’t bother that much if everything is not going according to the plan to the fullest. Delays are quiet common so better not fuss about it.
  • Don’t Make Inadequate Arrangements:- Be it the food or parking make proper arrangements to avoid crowd. Make sure your marriage function planner is choosing the right venue according to the number of guests invited.
  • Don’t Make Last Minute Changes:- This is one of the reasons of chaos. Try to stick to your list done. Update the list a week before the wedding. Recheck as many times required so that nothing is left for final day additions.

There are lots to do in the wedding and here is the list of the most important ones. These are the areas which where people usually face difficulty in decision making leading to wrong judgement.

  • Wedding Venue Should be Close to the Bride’s Place:- This is really important for a bengali wedding as suggested by bengali wedding planners. A lot of customs are there that is related the house of the bride and thus if the distance is not near time management would be difficult.
  • Arrange Accommodation for Outstation Guests:- This is a part of welcoming your guest to the wedding. When you are inviting them for the wedding make sure they are comfortable enough, at the place that is not very much known to them.
  • Take Out Time for Personal Invitations:- It is very difficult in a busy time like now but this is necessary and a good experience too. Give a visit to your friend’s and relative’s place and to offer your invite.
  • Consult Both the Houses:- Rituals and customs differ in every household so it’s a necessity to have a discussion about how you wish to proceed in the norms of the wedding. This is a good opportunity for socializing of both the family members. After the final discussion inform your event management company.
  • Have a List Chronologically:- Indian weddings is a not a single day’s matter and thus list for each day. Make points starting from the first program of the day till the last in right order. When you know the details of each program, your arrangement list will be much easy which will ultimately help you in organizing the special event.

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