Flowers might seem just a very ordinary thing but in Indian weddings flowers have a very important role to play. Flower with its own beauty can change the look of a person as well as place. Flowers are used in the form of garlands that remains an important ritual of Indian weddings. Even if a wedding is not a very posh one, flowers are just a compulsive thing. Thus budget wedding planners in Kolkata have special catalogues of flower arrangement to satiate the needs of clients. The bride is decked up with flowers making her look of the day more like a goddess.

•    Remember the Theme
This is a very important thing while sorting flowers for the flower arrangement. Flowers are more or less easily available but due to that a common mistake is of adding more varieties simply ignoring the style and theme of the party. Make sure either you contrast with the curtains or you select the same colours as per the curtains but no random selection of flowers. If you give the contract to a professional wedding event management company they will offer you fresh ideas of decoration with flowers without going overdo.

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•    More is Better
Flowers are something that does not go extra anytime. It is so beautiful that the more you give it obviously in the right amount, the more it will show you how exotic it is. If you really want to spend on something beautiful spend it one some more flowers. This is suggested by many Bengali wedding planners who state that it will be beneficial if it is the season flowers. Lights will lighten up the place but the flowers will add beauty that no light can. If you have a good venue you can think of getting flower chandeliers.

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•    Do not Forget the Buffet Area
This is a place where usually not much attention is paid for the decoration. The company that you are hiring for the food must be informed about your requirements. Usually the flowers decoration is not under the catering budget but you should make sure that the decoration team and catering team has discussed about the arrangement and placed the tables accordingly. This place is quiet important as not only the guests but family members of the bride and the groom along with the couple will have their dinner there. Make sure that this place is welcomed in a warm manner with some exotic flower decorations. Not necessary it should be something extraordinary but only a few bunches might also do the work.

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•    Surrounding the Mandap Area
This is usually followed as a pattern in weddings. You can add some novelty to this very old idea of decoration and make the place much more promising for the event. In case of reception ceremonies you can surround the entire stage with flowers forming like a curtain. This works very well in separating the seat of stage from the other portion of the venue.

reception ceremonies area decoration with flower

Apart from these there are many other ideas like using it around the seats along with satin curtains, If the wedding is taking place in an open garden you can decorate the flower tubs with ling garland that will work as a decoration and at the same time work in camouflaging anything that is not suitable for display.

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