Wedding Catering Services Kolkata

The wishes in the dawn utter the pleasant future of two souls, where the bees and the birds sing and dance and introduce a new era of a married life to you. To make the day memorable, Subhodin, the event company is present with the bucket of a packages of everything where wedding catering service is also included. The term big fat wedding has surely come up keeping in mind Indian weddings. The fat part contributes largely to those foodies who search for the menu in the food counter at the first go.

Choices are Yours
In any Indian wedding ceremony we have noticed the varieties of taste in different people. That is why we, Subhodin, the best wedding organizer, have introduced various types of foods like pure Indian, Chinese, Continental etc. In our menu, we have Puri to Polao, Chingri to Chicken, Muri Ghonto to Mutton Kasa. So, when we have the menu card and you have the taste then you are just a single step away from your preferable dishes for your wedding.

Menus for You
We have the traditional Indian marriage ceremonial dishes which are every common in us like Kachori or Puri, Chana Dal or Potato curry, various fries with fish or chicken, rice like polao, fried rice etc with chicken or mutton curry or kasa, chatni and papad and at last but not the least the traditional Bengali special sweet of various types like Rosogolla, Ledigeni etc.

Beside that Subhodin, the special team of Bengali wedding planner has the menus of Moghal items like Biriyani and various chap preparations. We also arrange Chinese dishes like different types of fried rice with chicken items, continental preparations like various soups, salads, pasta, patties etc. Except all these we provide the best desired items of your choice. You just need to let us know what you want in your food list.

Subhodin, the marriage event management company consists of well trained and well mannered young people. The team is aware to handle the guests to the level best by providing the best service for them.

Why Subhodin
There are plenty of event management companies in Kolkata but Subhodin is different because of some things like

• We never negotiate with our quality of food because we value the taste of the guests.
• We have the best team of cooks as well as have the best men in the field to serve the food with smile and manner.
• Our service charge is very pocket friendly and this affordability is our pride. We respect the occasion over the money.
• We know that most of the people will forget the when and where of the ceremonies but what leaves a mark in their mind is food. So, we pay a very keen attention on food.

So, Subhodin is not just a name but a brand to make your most memorable day more pleasant and joyous. You just need to be a good foodie and the rest you can give the responsibility on us to serve the food with a big smile on face on behalf of you.